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“If You Can’t Be With the One You Love…”

How to Make your Current Job More Satisfying

by Paul Tieger

As the famous Stephen Stills song goes: “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” Although the song was written about personal relationships, it’s also great advice about how to look at a job you’re not quite ready to leave. So, how can you make your current job as satisfying as possible?

Well, that depends…on your Personality Type. Because people are different, the very same activity that might make a person of one type deliriously happy might lead someone of a different type into a deep depression.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to understand how to derive more pleasure from your work. The first step is identifying your four-letter Personality Type. But each type is most closely associated with one of four “Temperaments. Why is it useful to know your temperament? Because your temperament reflects your core values and motivations.

How do you know which is your temperament?

The “Traditionalist” temperament includes ESTJs, ISTJs, ESFJs and ISFJs. For people of these types, the core need is to be responsible, productive and have clear expectations.

To enjoy your job more – if you’re a Traditionalist – find a project that needs doing and volunteer to lead the effort, seek advice and opinions of colleagues who are different from you, suggest ways your office/company could be run more efficiently, ask your boss and co-workers to be explicit with requests and/or instructions, and/or set up short term goals that you can meet.

The “Experiencer” temperament includes ESTPs, ISTPs, ESFPs and ISFPs. For people of these types, the core need is to enjoy what they’re doing.

To enjoy your work more – if you’re an Experiencer – look around for projects to volunteer for that would be fun, try to find at least some time to get outside, delegate to others as many routine tasks as you can, volunteer to help run and or participate in recreational or social activities, seek opportunities to use your negotiating skills, consider taking a time-management course, try to build more variety into your daily routine, and/or set short-term, achievable goals.

The “Conceptualizer” temperament includes ENTJs, INTJs, ENTPs and INTPs. For people of these types, the core need is to be be challenged and continue to develop their competencies.

To enjoy your job more- if you’re a Conceptualizer – seek out professional development opportunities, take courses or attend seminars to expand your expertise and add credentials, find other creative people to brainstorm ideas with, hire competent “detail” people, find a mentor you admire and respect or, mentor another person, and/or develop a “critical friends” group to critique each others’ ideas.

The “Idealist” temperament includes ENFJs, INFJs, ENFPs and and INFPs. For people of these types, the core need is to to do work they believe in, and have meaningful relationships.

To enjoy your job more – if you’re an Idealist – create a support group to help people with personal and/or work-related issues, volunteer to do PR for your company or department, try (harder!) to leave your work at the office, consider becoming a trainer or coach in your field of expertise, volunteer to draft your organization’s mission statement, seek out other creative people to bounce things off of, and/or attend conferences or get involved in professional organizations.

In addition to enjoying your work more, implementing some of these suggestions can provide the additional benefit of making you even more valuable to your employer – which can come in very handy should you decide you want or need to stay in this job longer than you planned.

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