It's not just who you know…
       it's what you know about who you know!

Engaging and Retaining Top Talent

The SpeedReading People® Leadership System® consists of a one-day training course and suite of online tools that teaches leaders how to SpeedRead – quickly size up, and SpeedREACH others – communicate in their preferred style. These permanent life skills enable leaders to understand how to engage, motivate, give feedback, coach and retain each individual employee.

The system has four components: 1) A one-day highly interactive, customizable workshop, 2) Online Electronic SpeedReading Profiler, 3) Online Skill-Builder reinforcement tool and 4) Pattern Recognition Tool. Thousands of managers from leading companies around the world have completed this course and consistently rate it as “having the most practical value” of any training they have  experienced.

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TeamWorks™ is an innovate, yet simple to use online tool available 24/7 designed to meet two critical business needs: help managers engage, motivate and retain valuable employees, and help teams – even virtual ones – collaborate most successfully for peak productivity.

In addition to providing managers with key insights into each individual employee, TeamWorks™ also includes a Team Profile Analysis (TPA) an algorithm-driven analysis which instantly calculates and graphically displays the strengths, potential blind spots, and success strategies of each specific team.

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The Online Coaching Tool™ enables coaches and managers to apply the Jung/Myers Personality Type Model to 1) quickly and economically identify and verify their clients’ or employees’ personality types, and 2) to tailor their approach to be most successful with each individual. It includes proven, practical, actionable advice developed by career coaching professionals with an aggregate of sixty years experience.

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The Career Success Center™ is a self-managed career development tool which maximizes employees’ value to their employer by ensuring they are in jobs that capitalize on their competencies. Via video, CEO Paul Tieger leads users through twelve interactive exercises which help them identify their Personality Type, job-related strengths and potential blind spots, career satisfiers, key transferrable kills, dozens of best-fit career choices, helps them gain in depth information on their target career choices and evaluate how satisfying each option is likely to be. It can also include a listing of up-to-date career opportunities offered by their current employer, and a system for evaluating at which jobs the employee would excel.

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The Improving Critical Competencies Tool™
Personality Type often informs and strongly influences specific competencies. The key to mastering new competencies is capitalizing on our natural strengths, accurately identifying our blind spots, and adopting proven prescribed “success strategies.” This  tool automatically generates succinct, accurate, customized Success Profiles  based on the specific needs of our clients. Examples of target populations we’ve developed profiles for include: managers, salespeople, franchisees, financial advisers, physicians, entrepreneurs and students.

The High Performer Predictive Tool™
Theoretically, all Types can, and do perform most jobs – but not with equal satisfaction or success. This tool identifies the personality types of top performers. Clients provide rankings of all employees based on their success. Using proprietary analytics, we are able to predict which Types and key subgroups are most likely to be superior performers. This tool provides employers with two valuable, practical benefits: It helps them recruit more high potential employees, and enables them to coach all employees to improve their performance.

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