It's not just who you know…
       it's what you know about who you know!

Healthcare Solutions


Increasing Adherence & Improving Patient Satisfaction

SpeedReading Patients® is a simple, efficient system that allows every healthcare provider to know the core drivers of each individual patient and how best to motivate them.

The system includes a brief, validated Patient Personality Style Assessment which can be completed <5 five minutes. The results are instantly conveyed to the practitioner in the form of a Communication Rx which identifies the patient’s core need (“to be respected” or “to be nurtured” etc.) and three proven communication tips (examples: ”be specific”, “expect pushback”, “take time to establish a personal connection”, etc.) that will best motivate each individual patient.

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Individualized Wellness Profiles™ are customized reports instantly generated for each of the sixteen personality types. They contain specific recommendations that help individuals be healthier by engaging in the kind of activities they are most likely to actually do and be successful at. One example: some types are more likely to exercise at a gym, and others at home.

Patients complete the Patient Personality Style assessment online and download their Individualized Wellness Profile. Patients’ healthcare professionals, including doctors, physical therapists, pharmacists, health coaches, etc. also have access to each patient’s Individual Wellness Profile. This enables them to discuss strategies that will lead to the greatest compliance.

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Collaborative Care™ is a simple-to-use, cost effective system which enables care providers to build  more satisfying personal relationships with each individual client.  Designed to be used with residents of assisted living communities and clients receiving home care, the system has two objectives: 1) increase sales by enable sales personnel to better understand and communicate with the decision makers, and 2) help staff better communicate more successfully with each resident/client and improve the quality of their experience.

The system includes an online assessment that is completed by both the resident/ client, and the adult children (or care givers) of the resident/client. The individual is able to download and discuss the profile with staff. Staff is also able to access the profiles as needed.

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