It's not just who you know…
       it's what you know about who you know!

Sales and Marketing

The Most Accurate Way of Understanding & Reaching Prospects

Leads 2 Sale™ is a one-of-a-kind online tool that increases the number of qualified leads     and the percentage of leads which convert to sales. Prospects are invited to complete a     brief, validated Personality Type assessment and instantly download a succinct and     accurate report which provides them with valuable, relevant insights relating to the client’s     product or service. For example, a college recruiting students might offer prospects a free     “Student Success Profile” which identifies their strengths, potential blind spots and success     strategies as a student.

At the same time that prospects download their Student Success Profile, the same profile is     forwarded to the client’s sales team. This provides critical insights into each individual     prospect, including five proven tips for how to best communicate with, and     close each     prospect. Salespeople increase their conversion rate by customizing all future      communication with each individual prospect, by understanding their motivation to buy and     how to “speak their language.”

Sales ESP™ is a mobile device app which enables salespeople to quickly size up prospects and clients, understand their key motivation as a buyer and know how to tailor their pitch with each individual. It also includes a brief video tutorial and the “Sales Success Profile”, which gives salespeople a quick and accurate inventory of their own sales strengths, potential blind spots and success strategies. Sales ESP™ is designed for all salespeople whose product or service benefits from establishing a personal relationship.

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Personality Type-Based Market Research

Market researchers invest enormous amounts of time and money to better understand their    target markets. Standard market segmentation focuses on easily obtainable demographic    characteristics such as age, gender, education, income, geography, etc. SRP’s scientific and anecdotal research reveals that personality type is often a much better predictor of a wide range of behaviors.

Applying our experience and personality type-based segmentation analysis, SRP provides    clients with accurate, valuable insights about their clients’ buying motivation and how to     best communicate with them. SRP’s extensive scientific research has confirmed that     Personality Type almost always “trumps” other demographic variables. For example: the     buying habits of two fraternal twins born minutes apart, raised by the same parents, exposed to the same values, and who receive identical education, will be dramatically different, if their inborn personality types are different, which is not at all uncommon.

Applications for personality type-based market research are numerous and diverse. It can     provide equally valuable insights about consumers’ preferences for certain products, as for     voters’ perceptions about candidates and issues.

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