It's not just who you know…
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Type Tips

Temperament: Four Different Human Natures

People with the same temperament have a great deal in common because they share certain core values. However, they are still unique individuals! The four Temperaments are:

“Traditionalists” are people who have both Sensing and Judging preferences. “Experiencers” have Sensing and Perceiving preferences in common. We call people who are both Intuitive and Thinking types, “Conceptualizers” and “Idealists” are those who are Intuitive, but also Feeling.

Knowing a person’s temperament can make communicating with them easier and more productive. So…

Let’s talk about Traditionalists!

Traditionalists embrace responsibility and rules, they have a need to serve and do the right thing. They value stability, orderliness, consistency, and reliability. They tend to be serious and hardworking. You can count on a Traditionalist to deliver what they’ve promised and to honor deadlines.

Here’s how to SpeedReach Traditionalists:

  • Respect their time & schedule
  • Be prepared & stay on-task
  • Present sequentially; support with facts & data
  • Listen & respond directly to each question
  • Do everything you say you will do

Let’s talk about Experiencers!

Experiencers need to be active and free to act on their impulses. In their work, they focus on what can be accomplished in the here and now. They value heroic deeds and masterful acts and like moving from one challenge to the next.

Here’s how to SpeedReach Experiencers:

  • Be easy going and casual; make the experience enjoyable
  • Expect questions & respond to each concern
  • Provide practical reasons for actions/suggestions
  • Make the process as easy as possible
  • Clarify next action steps
  • Avoid being too pushy or formal

Let’s talk about Conceptualizers!

The motto for Conceptualizers might well be, “Be excellent in all things.” They are the most independent of the four temperaments, driven to acquire knowledge and set very high standards for themselves and others. They are strong strategic thinkers and usually very good at creative problem solving.

Here’s how to SpeedReach Conceptualizers:

  • Start with the “big picture”
  • Support your position using logic
  • Engage their creative problem solving skills
  • Expect push-back; be assertive
  • Whenever possible, allow them to take ownership of their projects

Let’s talk about Idealists!

The motto of Idealists might well be, “To thine own self be true.” They are the most introspective of the four temperaments. They place a very high value on authenticity and integrity in people and relationships and tend to idealize others. Idealists focus on human potential and are often gifted at helping others grow and develop, a task that gives them great human satisfaction.

Here’s how to SpeedReach Idealists:

  • Be cooperative & helpful; don’t compete or argue
  • Be sincere – this is critical!
  • Engage their creativity to solve problems
  • Appreciate their contributions
  • Ask for their help and be helpful to them
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